Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things to Consider About Your Non-Fault Accident Policy

In the event of a non-fault accident, various factors need to be worked out and noted to ensure that your claim is paid, and you are compensated for your loss. A good insurance company ought to give you 100% compensation for your loss, as well as no deductions upon determination that you were not at fault.

When choosing the best insurance company for your coverage needs, it is good to inquire as to whether they charge any service fee for processing a claim. This should give you an idea of the percentage of the claim you should expect when filing for a not at fault accident. You also need to know whether the insurance company provides you with an alternate means of travel or not; as they process your claim and repair your vehicle.

Another factor to take into consideration is if any excess is charged when involved in a non-fault accident. A good insurance company will forfeit this charge, and instead deal directly with the other insurance company to process your claim. The necessary repairs on your vehicle will need to be dealt with expeditiously to ensure that the accident does not inconvenience you unnecessarily.

Ensure that the desired insurance company only replaces the items that need repair with new parts. Replacing the damaged vehicle parts with only new parts gives you the confidence that your vehicle will give you the desired, original quality of service, even after the accident.

It would also be good to find out whether the insurance company can give you a cash settlement for the repairs on your vehicle. When calculating the settlement, the prices quoted are for buying new parts that may have been destroyed in the accident. If you are up to the task, you can fix the vehicle yourself and pocket the remaining balance on the vehicle's work.
In the event that a non-fault accident hospitalizes you, you need to understand the factors that the insurance company will use to determine the compensation they offer you. In most cases, the factors considered include; previous health condition, the body's ability to recover, and the victim's occupation.

The only company that you ought to settle on is the one that offers you 100% compensation in the event you are in a non fault accident. Companies offering inflated compensation values have already predetermined the savings they make on the percentages they have placed in the claim as service fees. It is also highly recommended to stick to experts in the motor insurance industry who have a proven track record of their functionality; for the best services.